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  • Passionate Bourbon

    Spiced Passionfruit | Bourbon | Lime 12

  • The Empress

    Empress Gin | St Germain | Lime juice 12

  • Azul Mule

    Vodka | Canton | Lime | Blueberry | Ginger beer 12

  • The Spritz

    Aperol | Lemon Juice | Prosecco 11

  • Rum Honey Rum

    Rum | Honey Sage Syrup | Lemon | Iced Tea 11

  • Hudson Paloma

    Mezcal | Fresh Pink Grapefruit | Topped with Soda 12

  • Cinnamon Old Fashioned

    Cinnamon Infused Bourbon | Peychauds Bitters | Cranberries | Brown Sugar 12


RO - Beer

  • Una Mano Fuerte

    Black Lager – 5.2% ABV – Delightful, medium roast with hints of dark cherry. Finishes with a creaminess that only a lager brew can produce. May happen to replace your favorite morning beverage.

  • Working Hands

    Lager – 4.5% ABV — Prominent malt charachter. Light & crisp.

  • Gossip Shop

    Sour Ale 5.4% ABV – Brewed with Hibiscus. Appearance and taste like juice of Cara Cara Oranges.

  • Acoustic JAmber

    Amber Ale – 5.0% ABV – Rich malt aroma supported by a delectably light, malt body with the character of crust on angel food cake. Finishes crisp with a clean American hop bitterness.

  • Viennending Story

    Vienna Lager – 6.7% ABV – Full body, mountain strength lager that demonstrates a dry cracker, malt character supported by a subtle traditional hop spice. All of which contribute to a well-rounded ode to the Austrian alps.

  • Dock Shoes

    Pale Ale 5.5% ABV –  Easy drinking with mild pineapple hop character.

  • Sharkee Bock

    Hop Helles Bock – 6.65% ABV Malt forward, yet refreshing take on a German classic. Full flavors of milled grain, fresh baked bread, and hints of exotic fruit.

  • Captain Lawrence Clearwater Kolsch

    Kolsch 4.8% ABV – Malty, clean and crisp with a touch of citrus from American grown Crystal Hops.

Original beers brewed on location at River Outpost Brewing Co.
Pitchers available upon request.

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