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  • Hudson Spritzer

    John Emerald Spurgeon Rum | Caramelized Pineapple Juice | Lime Juice | Prosecco 13

  • Can't Stop, Walnut Stop

    Walnut Infused Vodka  | Maple Syrup | Lemon Juice | Nutmneg | 13

  • That's Amaro

    No 4 Rye | Omaro | Fall Spice Syrup | Apple Bitters | 12

  • Cinnamon Old Fashioned

    Charred Cinnamon Bourbon | Brown Sugar | Peychaud Bitters | Cranberries | 12

  • Winter Sangria

    Red Wine | Orange Blossoms | Spiced Rum | Orange Juice | 11

  • Cherry, Cherry Baby

    Mezcal | Amaretto | Maraschino Cherry | Lime | 13

  • Spicy Lebowski

    Vanilla Vodka | Kahlua | Anchor Reyes Liquor | Cream | 12

  • All Pucked Up

    Brockmans Gin | Aperol | Lemon | Lemon | Cinnamon Syrup | Egg White | 12

  • Dewars Negroni

    Dewars | Campari | Sweet Vermouth | 13



RO Beer - Light

  • Keep Calm & Lager On

    India Pale Lager - 6.4% abv — Herbal hops to boot with a hardy well-balanced maltiness to bitterness ratio. This beer is spicey from the nose, to palate and earthy finish. Pair this beer with a rich and flavorful plate as the hop character can be near overwhelming.  Loral, El Dorado, Zeus

  • Crystal Bay Blonde

    Blonde Ale - 5.5% abv — Well-rounded malt body. Touch of bitterness. Clean, crisp palate.

  • Sun Tincture

    New England Farmhouse Saison 5.8% abv — This hazy, dry hop version of saison boasts a combination of tropical fruit hops and Belgian yeast spice. Light malt body and modest bitterness attributed to the yeast. Earthy yet pear-like aromas and a black-lemon citrus palate. Delicate lingering finish that yearns for another sip.

  • Wallaby Dundee

    Australian Pale - 5.3% abv  –– Bright, crisp Extra Pale ale with a slight grainy malt character. Low bitterness with a tropical hop character of kiwi and tangerines from El Dorado and Mosaic


RO - Hoppy Beer

  • Peekstone Pilsner

    American Hop Pilsner - 6.0% abv — Crisp dry hop pilsner expressing traditional herbal notes with a lively lemon rind character.

  • Sharkee Bock

    Hop Helles Bock – 6.65% abv Malt forward, yet refreshing take on a German classic. Full flavors of milled grain, fresh baked bread, and hints of exotic fruit.


RO - Malty Beer

  • Bear Mountain Brown

    American Brown Ale - 5.2% abv — This classic style does not disappoint with flavor. Expect bread toast aromas with a touch of caramel. The palate balances sweetness on malt and toffee with a hint of coffee roast. This well-rounded ale finishes with a full yet supple liquid bread character.

Original beers brewed on location at River Outpost Brewing Co.
Pitchers available upon request.

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